Femi Oshibona

Femi Oshibona is popularly known as FOURSCORE. He is a humble, vibrant and visionary gentleman who spearheads Fourscore Properties. An experienced and well-exposed estate developer, Femi is set to give Nigerians much more value in real estate and property development, which has established him as a frontrunner in the industry.

It is not surprising to know that Femi was the first African building developer to develop a 7 storey building in the United Kingdom, known as FOURSCORE mansions. Not only that, he was the first black developer to build an estate in the most expensive, area that is exclusively developed for high-profile individuals and organization, also hosts many high commissions and embassies of the leading nations of the world, Waterloof, Pretoria, South Africa.

With a focus on Africa and special interests in Nigeria, Femi once again demonstrated his property expertise. The developed another masterpiece Shalom Apartments at Ikoyi, a 40 Unit three-bedroom luxury apartments that were sold in the range of $900,000USD to $1.5MUSD each.

Apart from Femi’s business interests and acumen, he is a dedicated member of Celestial Christian Church. His passions that border on issues of Celestial Church of Christ at large is clearly reflected in his intellectual preaching of the word of God.

He was instrumental by God to the provision of the little saint Orphanage home at Ogudu, Lagos.