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Brief Introduction

EXCEL Nigeria is a unique platform to experience real power of excellence that reinforces incredible drive and passion to move you to the next level of achievement in an unusual degree.

EXCEL2017 – Continuity of Excellence

This year EXCEL 2017 is designed to drive social innovation and business development through leadership, education and support for entrepreneurs (contribute to individual development) across various disciplines.

The international event will celebrate the city of Lagos as one of the fast growing city in the world for investment, with a host of local and international audiences, -0-influential press and media.

The event, in its 3 years, will showcase an eclectic selection of contemporary speakers, with a diverse professional catering to discerning audiences.

As one of the largest and fast growing Celestial Churches in the world, Genesis Global’s phenomenal growth and success is built on strong leadership of Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe.

Based on this approach to excellence, one of our mandates is to raise people of value and establish a robust platform for everyone to excel.


To intensify this purpose, Genesis Global brings to you second edition of EXCEL 2017EXCEL Nigeria is a unique platform to experience real power of excellence that reinforces incredible drive and passion to move you to the next level of achievement in an unusual degree.

Our key objectives are as follow:

  • Reinforcing brand identity of Genesis Globaland its key messages
  • Positioning Genesis Globalas a leader in innovations and selected areas of focus in CCC worldwide
  • Projecting white garment church from a different dimension
  • Infusing true Pentecostalism approach into CCC customs
  • Identifying and advancing evangelistic leads to win more souls

Engaging Speakers Billed for the Day 

Excel Nigeria brings together luminaries for those who are sourcing for the next big idea If our obsession is to be pronounced, it is having great people who are the frontline at the nexus of investment, international business development, philanthropy, to offer tested solutions are enough to push beyond scale of business and spiritual challenges.

This is the most reason we just don’t talk about the next big thing, but to catalyze inspired partnerships and build it.

Prophet Israel Oladele is fondly called ‘Genesis’. Prophet Israel began ministry 14 years ago while his first ministerial assignment on the pulpit was in 1999.

He was a boy from a Muslim background who grew to be a man in Christ Apostolic Church and now an icon of religious innovation.

He is a televangelist, an Apostle, Prophet, teacher of the gospel, a business visionary, peak performance seasoned speaker, philanthropist and shepherd to many in Celestial church and white garment churches worldwide.

Prophet Israel Oladele Genesis brings years of intensive dedicated study spanning prophetic insight into nation development and life purpose discovery. He is the presiding shepherd of CCC ‘Genesis Global;’ Fast rising assembly that seat 5000 worshippers both on Sunday and week days.

He is the founder and senior pastor of Genesis Global Outreach, a non-denominational, word based church with several ministries impacting lives within Nigeria and around the world.

Prophet Israel Oladele is the chief Executive Officer of Genesis consulting firm and President of Israel Oladele foundation.

Prophet Israel is the author of the number one selling book titled ‘Be Unstoppable’ among other are: My glory is not negotiable, Standout, Better life, Mastery of wisdom.
He is happily married and blessed with children. 

― The Visioner (Prophet Israel Oladele)


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