Woli Agba

Oluwafemi Ajewole, popularly known as Woli Agba, is the president of Christ Chosen Vessel Dance Drama Ministry. He hails from Ibadan in Oyo state.

Right after his polytechnic education, the concept of new modern drama launched him into stardom.

His God’s given gift prompted him into drama ministry when he was young, using dance drama to convey a message that is being demonstrated through acting.  He introduced beats that synchronize to drama messages and establish a new channel for his audience to experience unusual entertainment and knowledge.

His new modern drama has an infusion of gospel messages that are not only targeted at the Christians; it also teaches morals to other religions that can easily relate to their personal situations.

He was working years back in a school as a teacher. His talent emerged during the end of the year’s school party when he was given a responsibility to teach his pupils drama.

He holds HND in electrical engineering in Ibadan Polytechnic and has produced 13 movies since he started professionally.

Woli Arole

Bayegun Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Woli Arole, is one of the comedians on the rise in Nigeria. He began his career as a standup comedian and MC during his days as an undergraduate and was one of the top acts during his time in the institution. After graduating from the university he went on to further his career as a comedian and has since risen in the industry. His breakthrough though came last year after he had won the second edition of Alibaba’s Spontaneity Competition.

His choice of comedy, however, is what sets him apart from his counterparts – Arole connects and touches lives with his brand comedy, which is usually in a prophetic disguise. However, many celebrities have attested to the reality connected to his prophetic messages. The graduate of Psychology from the Obafemi Awolowo University is keen on taking his brand global and hopes to keep sharing fun and happiness with people.